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Anti hack sucks


Incident: sucks

Username(s): no one

Server: survival mode

Attachments (if applicable): no
I was just riding a chicken and again I got kicked out for jumping and remove the anti hack and if you on chicken you won’t ever get kicked cause It sucks lifeboat survival sucks it kicked me for no reason because the game wants me to be banned because this world wants me dead so I’ll die tommarrow


I’m a madman


Moved to #site-feedback



anti hack doesn’t suck. the thing is

ur brain counts that everything sucks, cuz of puberty i guess…


Anti Cheat will never Ban a player. We are sorry if you got kicked, the Anti Hack/Cheat isn’t perfect. I may be annoying if you habe to join again, but you don‘t get in trouble if Anti Cheat Kicks you. Its simply just not perfect yet.
Sorry for any inconvenience.


Why would I keep joining it allways kicked me when I ride in a chicken and in a bot changer


Sorry, I will report this to a Dev and hope it will get fixed soon, again sorry for any inconvenience.
-MST2 | Beta Tester


Hey, harassing him about puberty isn’t necessary. It is rude and disrespectful.


i kno anti hack no good
to make anti hack better it should no kick people floating from mounts
and detect clients


Hey. I want you to choose. What would you prefer
A. Games with lots of bugs, and game can never be played right.
B. An anticheat that is getting better.


Anti hack may be annoying sometimes, but it is necessary


That is correct. The anti-cheat system isn’t perfect, but it can stop some hacks.


i dont rlly find that offensive.


Play with anti hack agree


Don’t talk about my brain worry about yourself please.


Lmao, you think this is all about you? Nobody cares if you don’t find your insult offensive.


Carful there you said Lmao that is swearing too.


Well, Lifeboat tends to let abbreviations like wt*, lmao, and a* slide.


We generally give a pass for lmao, but neither of the others you listed.