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Answer this survey!



  • Enchated poopemoji does not exist
  • A item that is used to make me fly
  • Poop is a poo ok?

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Why is cheating not fun?

  • Because I’m smart so hacking means throwing eggs at a tv
  • Because it’s not fair to the admins
  • Because it isn’t fair to the players that have cheating abilty.

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Why school is boring?

  • Accually school isn’t boring and it’s because people wanna play games lIke they are dumb?
  • Cause its hard

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If you are playing games alot would you play less and don’t forget it damages your eyesight too

  • Thinking about it…
  • Keep playing I want a bad eye sight
  • Play for 1 hour so I don’t have bad eyesightl

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What grade?

  • I am misbehaving kid
  • I am a great Kid
  • I am misbehaving teenager
  • I am good teenager
  • I am good adult
  • I am feeling stupid as adult.

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Don’t be embarssed to do dis survey witha eyy


So why do good girls like misbehaving teens?
I had this question for a real long time
I’ve been a misbehaving teen and it’s plain to see
So why do good girls fall in love with me?


They like ugly llamas



Cause they are enchanted poop




How long was this?


lol tik tok


Maybe 10 minutes?


I think if girls like misbehaving teens well not every girl but it could that girl are trying to do a inappropriate roleplay? Idk why somone would choose misbehaving.

Hmm more people choose misbehaving on teenagers
Wow I don’t know… players choosen misbehaving more than the great person side lol.