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Add /server_reset_date command in all gamemodes and server reset improvments


We need this because it will be useful like lets say we are playing lifeboat city, you allways wanted a sword but u had to wait till server reset and you had to be earlier then anyone else and please add this so that way we dont waste time playing a game while you were unlucky since the server reset.

Mittu47 types: /server_reset_date

Chat responds:

Server (gamemode ip) will reset in (hour or day)+(Minutes)+(Seconds).

Lets say im playing sm1.lbsg.net

Mittu47 types in chat: /server_reset_date

Chat responds: Server Sm1.lbsg.net will reset in /4 days/ 23 hours/8 minutes/12 seconds/


This will be good feature so we all can do this instead of doing the hard way.
Also when server resets.

Also when server reset. It should say,

Chat says: Server Sm1.lbsg.net will reset in 10 seconds.

While before just says it will reset in 10 seconds and you should also let us know the server so we can rejoin incase we forgot to do /server command.


Do you mean by when the server would restart?


Yes @AzzerGaming1103


Yes, sure why not? I would just spend all my day resetting servers every single minute.


I like this idea, but I also just see someone abusing this by checking the time and then going to every server to take the swords or whatever the item might be so no one else could get them…


Minecraft commands don’t actually work like this. A command cannot have an underscore in it. As for the suggestion. The server does have a countdown that says when it will restart. For example: “The server will restart in 1 minute.” and “The server will restart in 15 seconds”, and then it counts down in the chat.

Sometimes, the server is reset manually by a staff member, and this doesn’t trigger the server restart timer, which is why it does not show sometimes. A server is restarted sometimes due the the map needing to be reset, or lag caused by PvP’ers spamming blocks everywhere or abusing glitches with the water / lava (sm), but it could also be restarted in Lifeboat City to fix bugs and other things.

Furthermore, the addition of a command like this, if given to all players… will be highly abused and it could easily crash or cause harm to the actual server itself.

Overall, I don’t think that the idea is needed and it wouldn’t be any extra use, but I will make an additional comment to the developers about adding a server restart timer, for when a server is restarted manually.


Yeah i agree
There should also be when did the reset on what date.