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Add nametag as feature [useful for mittu47]


Can you add nametag as feature like this, /nametag Coolcat387 and then you can only change nicknames next 30 days. This feature is good so people could stop having to friend me on xbox and SPAMMING invites so my tablet rings rings when I’m sleeping. Also if you have a rank for example of I do /nametag Superkid297 it will auto show rank you had like this,

[VIP+] [DISCORD] Superkid297

Also if you want your tag hidden do /tag so it unhiddens your rank. but if you have nickname on, just do /unnick to hide your nickname and turn it back to orginal username you had.


Hackers would abuse this.


Yeah I agree with what Crimson said.


But do hacker’s have to ruin everything?


Obviously, especially one kid here in the forums who hacks a lot. I’m not gonna mention names to prevent conflict.


Well with this nickname command, I think it should be like for example /nickname Superdady908
And to know the user, just do /username Super (does not have to be full name)

Or maybe there should be for example. [ VIP+] [DISCORD] [mittu47] Superdady980


Me or Morris… I don’t like this BS. Me good.


Just have it to where the name shows in game but not on menu.