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About the Creativity Corner category


The “Creativity Corner” Category is a place for users to display their builds, share stories, and other things made by them here on the forums. Please do not plagiarize work, or criticize anyone’s work.


Ah, :smile:! Even better than a stories category!


Imma hang here for a while. Lol I’m creative I guess…


Yay! I just noticed that storm moved every one of my stories here lol no wonder why I had 8 notifications XD


Did you made this category from me?


Or me? I had 6 notifs about my stories were edited


Now what about constructive criticism???

(EX of Non Constructive: This story sucked…)
(EX of Constructive: The grammar could be better…)


@TuxedCreeper Yes, I moved your stories, along with others written by users into the new category. To help embrace it a little more!

@Enderprince36 I would assume the Constuctive Criticism would be allowed, as long as its stated in a positive manner.

Example of an appropriate response: (What you should do)
I really enjoyed the story, but perhaps try looking over before publishing next time for spelling and grammar mistakes?

Example of a Not appropriate response: (What you shouldn’t do)
Try learning some English and grammar! It sucked!

As you should be able to see, both of the responses were vastly different in each other, even though they were displaying the same message. As long as it’s positive, the feedback can help someone grow for the better!


Just wanted to make sure.



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