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A new LBSG game


You must realise that the gamemode must be profitable


Well, then again, survival games has VIP+ on its server, we may include that in this game. But having the fact that only Volunteers, VIP subscribers, or people paying to be the landlord seems a bit too far fetched, please try to understand the fact that other people want to try being landlord, just like how in Murder Mystery, everyone has the chance to be Innocent, the detective, and murderer. I want this game to be fun for everyone! Don’t get me wrong, I completely understand that your just trying to help us grow, but also try to think of the people who wants to be a landlord but can’t get any minecoins because something is preventing them like their parents for an example. Thank you for reading this everyone (hopefully even the ones who suggested it) :blush::wink:


So its basically bounty hunters with leaders? I like it!


Please don’t necropost.


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@NavalGroundhog5 Next time, let’s not reply to topics that are older than a month. :smile: