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A new LBSG game


Hello to all!! I love LBSG and I would love to help the community grow! My suggestion is a game called “Raiders”. This is an idea I came up with after watching millions of Minecraft animations and gameplay and decided to combine them together. The game works like this:
There are 3 teams, Red, Blue, and Green
The main target of the game is to kill the Landlord of the enemy teams. A landlord is randomly chosen by the game system. If you are a landlord, you get double the strength and speed as your members. If you are just a member, you spawn normally and you have to team up to kill the enemy landlords. If you kill all the opponents landlord, you win the game. There will be chests scattered throughout the map and every chest contains goodies for you to use against enemy teams. Each team will have a castle and you can build blocks and improve the base to protect your landlord. Landlords can still attack other members and other landlords, landlords die more quickly than members to give just a little disadvantage for landlords to not make them seem too op. So in short, the game’s goal is to kill your enemy’s landlord and make yours live. (If you landlord dies, you won’t be able to respawn anymore). That’s my suggestion, I completely understand if it get rejected (probably because it’s a bad idea or it’s too hard to make) but I hope I was at least to strike an idea for LBSG, I love being in the forums and thank you for your time and effort reading this suggestion :grin::bear::poultry_leg:


i like it


Wow, i really like it, i hope it gets added



xD similar ideas were suggested before.

Their fate —> Oblivion


Sounds cool.


So you mean you have to protect the landlords?

I like this by the way.


Why don’t they make it in such a way that only VIPs get to be landlords




No, if only VIPs gets to be landlords it will be really unfair for regular players who wants a chance to try out the landlord role.

I like the game idea btw


Basically, yes, but you also need to form a plan to kill other landlords :slight_smile:


So they have to pay money! Easy money!


Kind of like bed wars in a way… but better!
I like it!


It’s so that lifeboat can get more money

Hey everyone, I’m supporting Lifeboat’s money making ways. Please join the Noble cause and help Lifeboat rule the world


Yeah! So they can buy the other 300,000 players back!
If it’s even possible…
Am I even being serious…


OOf that’s an amazing idea! I can already imagine how many players will love it!


I have been hearing a lot of complaints about the role landlord. I heard people say that only VIP’s can be landlords or you have to pay for it, my response:
I’m not a fan of that idea for one main reason, the game would be no fun, especially for those who wants to be a landlord. So I’m sorry for those who suggested this but I will have to disagree


Esta buena la idea Men,I Like


Make this instead of oitc. Still needs some work but great idea.


Pay to win.


is this some kind of protect the president thing

except that the president has the skills of vladimir putin