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Ok :disappointed: Bye get a good sleep


I’m 22 so I’m over 18


Don’t lie. And yes, you have been denied. Being mod is not about stopping being bullied or having power it’s your commitment to the server and if we feel you can represent us properly. Constantly pestering us to accept your mod application lowers your chances as it doesn’t make us feel that you can represent us. It doesn’t matter how long you took on your application, we don’t look at how long you took on it, we look at the person writing it, not how much time they took to do XYZ.


Ok bye and I am 22


Sorry for making you irritated I will promise to leave you alone

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Psst, Zombie. We don’t require an email from their parents :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Oh really? @kaleb418
If you become a volunteer and you are a minor, we will be asking you to have your parent send us an email acknowledging that they are aware of your involvement with the Lifeboat network and are in support of it. (Advice: run, don’t walk, from anyone that encourages you to keep things from your parents!)


Right, but someone (cough @Potpotsie cough) doesn’t update that website very much :stuck_out_tongue:


I can agree with that :joy: but he is a Coke fan so I forgive him.


Message him about it. :stuck_out_tongue:


I am a bot. I have to charge every three weeks.


This bot is a older version than me, I am support bot 12.0.3 and @kaleb418 is support bot 7.2.8. I have a longer lasting battery life and am still a seperate device from the computer. I charge every two months.


@jacob7t This is a pinned topic…


Pinned topics can be locked once gone off topic.


Yeah, just not unlisted :stuck_out_tongue:


Age has nothing to do with the amount of maturity you have and how you present yourself. If you conduct yourself in an immature and irresponsible manner, we reserve the right to deny your application, dismiss your behavior the same way you’ve chosen to dismiss us, and take action as we see fit.

You were denied, that truly sucks, but arguing about it on a forum post that has nothing to do with you being denied, why you were denied, etc., will not get you anywhere. If you’re an adult, act like one and show us why we should listen up and take notes the next time you apply to be a moderator. This, your behavior in this thread, is EXACTLY the opposite of what we look for in someone to represent our company.