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A Message!


Three weeks max, and mods can’t accept applications. Pestering them doesn’t help your chances either.


What about late response?


Hi, unfortunately I am not someone who reviews applications and makes the decision! Please be patient and keep trying.
Any concerns can be forwarded to support :slight_smile:

I would also like to ask if you could refrain from posting this within my thread, instead this should be in the support category! Have a nice day.


Don’t forward mod application problems to support!


Ok sorry I’ll stop bugging you anyway how kind does it take bye :disappointed:


How long****


If it has been more than three weeks than you were denied.


Why was it denied


We get many applications a day. We don’t accept every single one that comes through.


It obviously wasn’t a good enough application.


If you don’t have anything to say based on this thread, I suggest you leave. Sorry if I am being to harsh but this is starting to irritate me.


:disappointed: I’m quitting lifeboat and removing my 5 star rating. BYE!


@LegenderyBacca97 why leave? Also we are aware of loads! But it is hard, you just need to accept it, ok? Not everyone gets what they want :slight_smile:


And I’m sick of moderators bullying me about my name and skin


Which moderators are bullying you :open_mouth: ?!? That is not ok! Report that please! Tell one of the lead mods! Either @kaleb418 or @CIAMouse!!!


It’s been 1 month definitely 3 weeks


So you can apply again now! :smile:


And I’m sick of other player bullying me if I was a moderator I could scare them

But I can’t because apparently it wasn’t good enough I put 1 hour into doing that application


I’ll give you guys one more chance


We understand that! But you also need to think that there are hundreds of different applications going through every day! We read them one by one! Are you under 18? (I think that’s the age :joy:) then you need to ask one of your parents to send us an email to say that they know and accept what you are doing with lifeboat! If you have not done that, you will certainly not get the position :scream:!!
I need to go sleep now! Talk to you tomorrow :smile: