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A Message!


Hello everybody! So why am I creating this thread? I actually have a variety of different reasons regarding to why I have decided to take it upon myself into creating this thread. Many of which would have to do with the reactions from players towards a Moderator, we can see that quite a bit are not to pleasant to read and can be hurtful comments. Although not everyone will perform this manner towards Moderators, I would prefer for you to read this through and reflect through what will be mentioned than to cross out this thread. Yes, this is mainly produced from the perspective of Moderators however, this also concludes to those with the tags : Crew, MOD, Staff, Support, Dev, YouTube and etc. Without being said, let’s get straight into the topic, feel free to take notes if you want to…

Let me just start with this simple statement : No! We are not BOTS! We are people, we have feelings and have likes/dislikes. Why did I just state this? Many people believe we are BOTS, this might be because we keep repeating the same message over again, “Please no dating!” or “Can you please keep the roleplay clean and appropriate!”, this can also be caused from our maturity within In-Game and act completely like we are the “most professional people.” Although we do have a great maturity level, this completely does NOT mean we are BOTS roaming around the servers to ruin fun. In fact, we try not to ruin your fun once so ever, we would like you to have a great time on Lifeboat but in a appropriate, approved manner due to our younger audience(s).

Now, moving forwards towards what we do. Just to have a quick recap, I’ll explain what we do to make your Lifeboat Experience better for all!

•Hackers - Yes, although we still from this day have many hackers, us moderators have decreased the amount you would see today than the amount you would see back when we were never a thing.
•A safer environment - I wonder if anyone would like to get threatened or get scammed from a website a user advertised to you, I don’t think many would, haha. We keep all that nonsense away from you, from getting tricked into sharing your password with some person to getting your personal info leaked (Real name, age and etc.)
•Make Lifeboat what it is today - This is not just Moderators, no. In fact, this is the ENTIRE Lifeboat team :smiley: We produce awesome maps, thanks to the builders, have amazing gamemodes, thanks to the devs, have an awesome safe network, thanks to us moderators and much more!

Many hurtful things players say to us can offend us or break our hearts as not many seem to realise how much we do to make the Network a better place! From here on out, I would greatly love everyone to re think what they say when speaking to a MOD.

Thank you for taking your time into reading this thread I decided to create from my own time :slight_smile: I couldn’t understand where to post this thread, so please move it to the correct section if necessary, because I can get really dumb at times heh.

Have a lovely, awesome day!


Someone may unpin this if they want to.


:scream: What did I do to deserve a pin?!


Write a good guide.


Yay! Thanks <3


Welcome! :slight_smile:


Amazing guide! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Maybe stress the fact you’re not a bot a lot less? Would edit this but don’t want to offend you.


Honestly though I kinda didn’t think they were humans before this thread.


Thank you for clearing this up for players Sparkles.
We are in fact human beings, we too have feelings. It can be hurtful (if the rudeness goes to the extreme, such as if a player comes back as “SashaIsALowLife” -true story-) We don’t want to wreck fun, we only want to keep players safe and happy :wink:

We like to keep Lifeboat fun.


In fact, I have a brain and a heart. Not a whole load of computing in me. Lol


Wow nice pin! :wink:


Aye, no problem :smiley: I needed to get this off my chest and share who we really are to the community as not many people seem to understand how much we do! :slight_smile:


Nice message, but I’ve gotta admit, it’s useless here lol. Everybody that uses the forums already has respect for the mods. I dunno what the % of lbsg players that use the forums is, but it’s very, very low. Perhaps replacing one of those in-game Shou adverts with one telling players to respect mods would be more useful…


I’m trying to be a mod it’s taking forever any way good job


Just keep trying :slight_smile: Maybe plan it out before you submit your application, put alot of empathy and effort as well! Good luck <3


Make sure you put thought into your application, as well as honesty!
Remember, grammar is key!


Can you please accept it and can we please meet up on sg16


But how long will it take to be accepted
I’m a very inpatient adult but I love the server <3


Mods can’t accept you. You will only be accepted if your application is good enough. If it has been more than three weeks since you applied then you were not accepted.