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A kind of rushed ending to Survival of the Servers


I know I said goodbye, but let’s finish our series, shall we?

The group was stuck in the hospital. They saw the shimmering diamond armor of their enemies outside the glass door, showing the magical enchantments put on it. They heard the sound of crossbows loading, tridents being prepared to be thrown, dangerous splash potions being uncorked. They had no idea how they were going to get out of there safely until, surprisingly, the enemies disappeared.

“Huh?” said Apple, confused.

“That was too pathetic. I can’t watch you die that way.” said a voice.

“Who are you?!” GottenDesert asked.

“I am the creator of all, but the ruler of none. You know me, but not as who I really am. I built this universe from nothing.”

“Notch?” asked TheFancierZebra.

“Of course. I saw just how good you guys were. I couldn’t help but control you, put a test together. And now, I guess, that test is over.”

“You guys will be teleported back, memories wiped, just like everyone else. No one will remember what happened. It is best that way.”

They looked at each other, confused. At that exact moment, they started dissolving. Everyone but TheFancierZebra, that is.

“I can’t let you go back. Your power is too strong for me to control. I must send you somewhere else, far far away from the universe of Minecraft. Good luck, you will need it where you are going.”

10 minutes later

I saw myself on an island. It was strangely flat, with water surrounding it from all sides. Crates, some trees, and small houses were spread out on it. I knew I found my new place, and decided to explore.

the end

If you want further contact ever(or want the last part explained) feel free to contact me on discord at TheFancierZebra #4934 !