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A Guide to Lifeboat Discord


Lifeboat Discord [Guide]

If you’re reading this guide, then you are either interested in joining the official Lifeboat Discord, or claiming the awesome Discord tag and particles for your Lifeboat account. We begin at downloading Discord. If you already have Discord, you can skip this step and move onto the next one.

Discord can be installed on almost any device or platform. You can find the app in iOS, Google Play, Amazon Fire, Mac, Windows and Linux. For anyone on a computer, you can also go to https://discordapp.com for links to download the application.

IMPORTANT - (You will need to create an account in order to access Discord and it’s features. Accounts require an email address and date of birth for age verification. You must be 13 or older to create an account as this is specified in https://discordapp.com/tos)

Once you have the app installed, it’s time to join the official Lifeboat Discord server! To join the server, you can simply click ==> RIGHT HERE <==, and you will need to accept the invite, by just pressing the accept invite button. Awesome! You’re now in the official Discord server. But I am sure you want some super cool perks for joining, right? Of course you do!

After 10 minutes, you can access the #bot-commands channel. Till then, stay around and chat with the Discord Lifeboat community! Once you have access to the bot commands channel, you will be able to use a command that will link your account. The command is known as /ign <playername> in other words replacing playername with your actual XBOX Live account.

For example:
Once you have enetered the command, you will need to rejoin, or login to the Lifeboat Network, and you will be able to use some awesome Discord particles, and have an awesome tag [Discord] tag in front of your name!

If you’re wondering how to get your super cool particles, they will be under your particle cosmetics.

And they will look like this:



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