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A Confession


Hi there! I’m xCatty, and today, I am here to make a bit of a confession…

I used to use client mods on servers during December of 2015 and January of 2016. (Yes, even on Lifeboat…) My username at the time was Diamond_Mad. Here are a couple screenshots:

(Note: I gave the other person gear. They were just a typical player.)

My reason? Dealing with people who made false reports involving me…repeatedly…and kept doing so months after they originally began…I got sick of it, and just started doing what I was accused of since they kind of convinced many people that at least one of their reports was valid anyway. Is it a good reason? No, but this is what I chose to do anyway…

I somehow never got banned while cheating, even with incredibly blatant mods…

Staff, you can go ahead and lock me for this if you want, even though it literally happened years ago…


And you got James’ account locked for a thing which shouldn’t have been punished.


Burn the heretic to the ground


Why would you be punished for something that happened years ago?


Hehehe… That isn’t the correct word. xD


I would had said something differemt, but that popped up instead


why would you admit this like even I wouldn’t admit this and I’m realising this makes me sound like a super bad person but then I’m being honest so that’s something


She admitted in Pleb Society awhile back
Looks like she came out her shell and confessed here too


. . . .
Everyone has their back stories
I’ll start developing a “counter hack” soon


. . .
I’m sure no of us are in medeval times, where the Catholic Church ruled


Knowing this, how are we supposed to know she isn’t hacking or hacked again?


the dark side of forums moderators…


That’s actually a good point… How are we supposed to know she wasn’t hacking when she got like 30,000 something kills?


I also used to hack a lot.
Remember me talking about 2015 days on ctf? Oh yes my team kept winning because i used small speed hacks and small super jump hacks which prevent me for getting kicked and duplication for team mates.


I don’t know, but if they really want to, they can.


I did this here because I already have in Pleb Society, and more people keep getting added there anyway…


whats pleb society?


A Discord server that used to be a group DM…




I haven’t used them again, and I have never used hacks while getting any part of over 25k kills. I guess you’re just going to have to take my word on that, though.